Qatar University and Shanghai International Studies University Sign MOU

Qatar, December 10th 2018 – In the context of strengthening international relations and partnership, Qatar University (QU) and Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) yesterday at QU. QU President Dr. Hassan Al-Derham and SISU President Dr. Li Yansong, were present at the signing ceremony alongside a number of officials from the two academic institutions.

The purpose of this agreement is to promote cooperation between the two universities, especially in the academic and research field, as well as to promote exchange programs for both students and faculty members.

On the importance of the cooperation, Dr. Hassan Al-Derham, QU President said, “I am delighted today to sign this important agreement with the Shanghai International Studies University, which will undoubtedly enhance the prospects for cooperation between the two sides, especially with regard to the research aspect and student exchange programs.”

Dr. Hassan noted that Chinese universities have demonstrated a clear superiority over the past years, and therefore the agreement is a great point of contact to help exchange experiences, ideas and to open new horizons for cooperation between QU and the universities of the far east.

SISU President, Dr. Li Yansong, talked about the importance of this MoU, saying, “Qatar University is a very strong academic institution, it’s playing a very important role in gulf countries. So SISU, my university, it’s also a very important university, we focus on foreign languages, teaching and literature, also disciplines like international studies, communications, journalism, management and business. So I wish to broaden our area of cooperation with Qatar University, I am very confident, because I have been to Qatar several times and I know we can do lots of things together.”